VYS621 YOGA MATSURI, International Day of Yoga Event

~The world will be filled with the color of YOGA.
Let’s experience authentic yoga from India.~

On June 21st, Yoga Matsuri is an event only held once a year on the International Day of Yoga.

This year, we again welcome Indian yoga master, Master Sudhakar!
This event is totally free of charge! We want lots of people to get the benefit from yoga!
Let’s enjoy yoga at Shibuya Sports Center on the lawn with everyone under clear sky!

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■Overview of VYS621 Yoga Matsuri in Shibuyaku

● Date and Time: Thursday 2018/6/21 10:45a.m. - 1:00p.m.
(The doors open and sign up begins at 9:30a.m.)

● Place : Shibuya-ku Sports Center outdoor grounds (Incase of rain , event will be held in the indoor gyms)

*Address: 1-40-18 Nishihara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0066
From Keio-shin Line ‘Hatagaya station’ 6mins. by foot
Tokyo Metro Chiyoda•Odakyu Line ‘Yoyogi Uehara Station’ 15mins. on foot

*Please note incase of rain, the event will be held in 2 separate indoor gyms.
As the space indoors is limited, the first to apply will be taken to the big gym for class with Master Sudhakar until full; all others will attend the class by Vanakkam Yoga School’s staff in the smaller gym.

●Fee : Free Please bring a yoga mat (Also can use Bath towel / Rug)

● Instructor : Master Sudhakar

● Subject : All ages , gender who wants to enjoy yoga

● Time Schedule :

09:30a.m. Door opens

10:45a.m. International Day of Yoga opening ceremony

11:00a.m. 621 Special Class 〜A Gift from Yoga〜 (90min)
By Master Sudhakar

You will be surprised by the benefit of yoga and refresh your body and soul.

Uncomfortable symptoms will be released from neck, shoulder, back and knee.
Please enjoy this yoga class direcly imported from India.

13:00p.m. End of event

● What to bring

□Ticket (QR Code/ The screen shows completed booking / print out )
□ Yoga mat or Bath towel
□ Towel, Water , Sunscreen , Hat , Sunglasses...as you need

● How to participate the event
The event is free of charge, but you will need a ticket.

How to get a ticket
Follow instructions of Peatix site and use reservation form ‘VYS 621Yoga Matsuri ticket’.

Please check participation agreement.

Using Peatix for the first time , here’s what you need.

How to enter the day of event:
Please show us the ticket (QR code / Screen shot) at reception.
You can also bring printed QR code.
In this case, we will check your ID(Driver’s License / Health insurance card etc)

If you are having trouble showing QR code, please contact us
621yogamatsuri@vysyogi.com until June 20th 9:00p.m.

f you can’t use Peatix:
Please make reservation through email, follow instructions below.
On the Title : participating VYS621 Yoga Matsuri
In the mail:
1: Name
2: Email address
3: Cell phone Number
4: Write: I’ll agree to participate agreement.

Write 1-4 , please send email to

About Cancellation:
Please make sure to contact us for cancellation.
Or contact us by email

**VYS = Vanakkam Yoga School

Master Sudhakar

Born in the spiritually renowned temple city of Kancheepuram, South India, Sudhakar was blessed to have started practicing yoga at the young age of 11.

Sudhakar quickly embraced the wise teachings and spiritual education from his first guru Swami Chandrananda. He completed his teacher training at the International Sivananda Yoga Centre at the age of 15. As the youngest graduate, Sudhakar was notably awarded ‘Yoga Sharomani’, or ‘Best Teacher’ award.

In 2001, Sudhakar returned to Sivananda, in Kerala, to advance his teaching techniques. His talents as a teacher trainer, his innovative teaching style and commitment to his students, earned him the title, ‘Yoga Yogacharya’, meaning ‘Master of Yoga’.

Sudhakar is one of the few yoga masters who could guide younger children to elderly or disabled people in yoga practice because of his long and wide range of achievement and has become highly reliable and hugely popular.

And now, he has created the Vanakkam Yoga School where anyone can learn the essence of yoga. He has visited Japan quite often over the last few years and spent his time to convey the origin of yoga to students in the Asia region and he’s just like a mobile ashram (a place for striving towards a yogic goal).

All workshops and teacher training courses are packed full of students every time. An ashram will be opened on June 21st, 2018 at Shibuya-ku. We are really looking forward to seeing you there, which is the only chance in a life-time to experience the original essence of yoga!


  • Please be prepared to show your ticket at registration on the day of the event.
  • Eating and drinking are prohibited in the event area.
  • There are designated areas to drink and rehydrate so please follow staff instructions.
  • Please be respectful of the event space. Heels and shoes with pointed tips are discouraged. It is also recommended to bring an extra pair of shoes such as sneakers to wear once in the event area.
  • Changing rooms: Women: In the case of good weather there will be adequate changing space. In the case of bad weather there will be limited space so please arrive to the event wearing clothes that are easy to move in. Men: Regardless of the weather there will be changing rooms available.
  • Please bring your trash home from the event.
  • You are responsible for your own valuables.

■ Frequent Asked Questions

Q: I can’t get a ticket through Peatix.

A: Here’s the page for ‘how to get a ticket’ explaining with pictures.

Please refer to this page.

Q: I want to get more than one ticket, since I’ll go with my friends.

A: Ticket will be available for one per log in.

You can log in as many times as necessary.
You can also transfer your ticket to your friends.
Please refer to in Peatix site ’transfer your ticket’.

Q: How can I cancel?

A: Please check here and contact event organizer.

Q: QR code won’t show on the screen.

A: Print out QR code from computer please.
If you don’t have computer, you can show us your completed booking email from your phone with your ID (Drivers licenses , Health Insurance Cards , etc)

【What is 621 Yoga matsuri?】 
June 21st is “International Day of Yoga (Yoga Day)”.
India is the place where its origin of yoga and the current Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi suggested the date of June 21st as a yoga day. This Yoga Day was declared by the United Nations in 2015. Since then, some big yoga events have been held internationally.

We, students of Vanakkam Yoga School with Master Sudhakar, had a first “621 Yoga matsuri” in June 21st 2016 at Nihonbashikabutocho. Totally around 3000 people participated in our second event at Asakusabashi in 2017.

Yoga, which has about 5000 years history in India, is the accumulated wisdom of the ages to keep body and mind healthy and live with smile calmly. Master Sudhakar is one of a few Yogacharya (meaning “Master of Yoga”) who is able to teach us the unchanged nature of Yoga appears on the stage.

Master Sudhakar gives a chance not only to practice yoga asanas physically but to communicate with inner yourself. What you get from 90 min yoga practice on your mat would positively affects all the aspect of your daily life. You can feel the difference.
By offering this opportunity with no charge in order to experience the origin of yoga that is difficult to encounter even in highly information society Japan, we sincerely hope the more people could make full use of yoga to daily life and spend richly comfortable life. This would lead us to more peaceful and beautifully harmonized society.

“Matsuri” literally means a festival but this is dedication.This is time to dedicate the effectiveness of yoga, which has come down from ancient India as sacred wisdom, to as many people as possible in this modern Japan.

〜A Gift From Yoga〜

You could experience the effectiveness of yoga you haven’t realized yet for free at “VYS621 Yoga matsuri”.

We are really looking forward to meeting you there!

【Support】Shibuya City Board of Education Shibuya, Indian Embassy
【Organizer】NPO corporation VYS YOGI
※ Please refrain from any inquiry to Shibuya-ku Sports center.

Thu Jun 21, 2018
10:30 AM - 1:00 PM JST
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Shibuya-ku Sports Center Athletic ground [outdoor]
*Indoor gyms in case of rain
Venue Address
1-40-18, Nishihara, Shibuya-ku Japan